Flies & Lies On the South Platte River
               Flies & Lies On the South Platte River  

Dalton Glenn

Dalton Glenn is a native of Pine, Colorado and grew up fly fishing on the South Platte River. As someone who loves the outdoors, Dalton progressed his style and expanded his education by spending plenty of time on the water. He enjoys sharing his knowledge, especially when it comes to euro nymphing. This very effective approach uses a tight line with a longer rod, no indicator and a long, thin leader in order to sink weighted flies to the bottom quickly without using split shot. Dalton has perfected this technique on the South Platte, helping all clients improve their success on the water. Dalton is an expert at tying his own flies. In the summer, you’ll find him bushwhacking to high alpine lakes in search of native cutthroats

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