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Fishing & River Report

Flies & Lies Fishing Report 02/22/24

CFS : at Cheesman canyon dam - 160

CFS : at Trumbull below brush creek - 175

Water clarity is great in Cheesman and around the fly shop, as you go farther down river it gets slightly off color but still plenty fishable. The entire Deckers/Cheesman section is ice free. There has been a good midge hatch coming off most days, if the wind stays down, you can find some risers in the right spots. Nymphing has been good, warmer weather has made the fish spread out some meaning you can find them in the riffles and slower pocket water! We recommend nymphing with a 2 or 3 fly rig with a bigger lead fly, trailed by 1 or 2 small midge patterns. Take advantage of the nice weather while it lasts!

Lead flies - 

•San juan worm brown - size 10

•Blowtorch - size 16

•Pink bead hare's ear nymph - size 16-18

Dropper flies -

•Flashback pheasant tail - size 20-22

•Bling midge tan - size 22-24

•Mercury midge - size 20-22

•Demon midge - size 20-22

•Jujubee midge blue - size 22

Dry flies - 

•Parachute adams - size 22-26

•Griffith's gnat - size 22-24

If you need any flies or could use advice on rigging. Swing by the fly shop!

If you see someone poaching, call Operation Game Thief 1-877-265-6648, with a description or swing by the shop and give us a heads-up.

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