Flies & Lies On the South Platte River
               Flies & Lies On the South Platte River  

Fishing & River Report

Flies & Lies Fishing Report 01/19/23 

CFS : at Cheesman canyon dam - 115

CFS : at Trumbull below brush creek - 120

Water condition : Crystal clear, temps in the 30s 

Currently the river is fishable from Trumbull on up, below that there is quite a bit of shelf ice and slush in the mornings. Fish are holding deep. Nymph rigs with 2-3 small midges work well for the slow deep water. Best colors have been Tan, Red, Olive and Black in that order. Streamers can also be a good tactic to move fish, keep them on the smaller side and cover lots of water! 

Fly recommendations

•Mercury pheasant tail - size 18-22

•Rainbow warrior - size 20-22

•Bling midge tan or grey - size 22-24

•Not much black - size 20-24 

•Mercury midge - size 22

•Cheeseman emerger - size 22 -24


•BH Krystal bugger olive or black - size 10-12

If you need any flies or could use advice on rigging. Swing by the fly shop!


 If you see someone poaching, call Operation Game Thief 1-877-265-6648, with a description or swing by the shop and give us a heads-up.

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