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Fishing & River Report

Flies & Lies Fishing Report 05/25/23 

CFS : at Cheesman canyon dam - 360

CFS : at Trumbull below brush creek - 505

Water condition : 2-3 feet of visibility, temps in the 50s.

We had a huge increase in flow this week bringing us to over 500cfs by the fly shop! And the fishing, well it has not disappointed. Nymphing is the way to go right now. A 3 fly rig with some combination of stoneflies, worms, scuds, leeches, caddis and some baetis nymphs will work. It's less about what fly and more about how good your presentation is and where you're fishing. In higher water the fish get pushed towards the bank, we caught most of our fish as soon as we got in or from the bank. Weight is also very important, make sure you have enough to get near or on the bottom! We always say, if you think you have enough weight double it!

Fly recommendations - 

•San juan worm red/wine/pink - size 10-12

•Pat's rubber leg blk/brn - size 10

•Floss worm pink/red - size 10

•BH caddis larva - size 16-18

•UV scud olive - size 16-18

•Hare's ear blowtorch - size 16

•Chocolate thunder - size 18

•Juju baetis - size 20

If you need any flies or could use advice on rigging. Swing by the fly shop!


 If you see someone poaching, call Operation Game Thief 1-877-265-6648, with a description or swing by the shop and give us a heads-up.

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