Flies & Lies On the South Platte River
               Flies & Lies On the South Platte River  

Fishing & River Report

Flies & Lies Weekly Report 01-06-22 - Happy New Year!!

CFS : at Cheesman canyon dam - 130

CFS : at Trumbull below brush creek - 130

Over the past week Deckers received its first big snowstorm of the season and we couldn't be happier to see it! This has however cooled things down significantly. Water temperature is in the mid to high 30s. 

Don't worry about starting early in the morning. Let things warm up a little. The best fishing is between 11-4:30

Nymphing is your best bet. Focus on getting your weight dialed in. 

Midges are the name of the game right now Olive, Black and Tan have been the top colors in size 22 or 24. 

•tan or olive Scud - size 14-18

•orenge/yellow Egg - size 16 

•Fire Pure Midge - size 20-22 

•Cheesman Emerger - size 22

•tan/black Bling Midge - size 22-24

•Flashback pheasant tail - size 20-24

•Mercury Midge - size 20-22 

If you need any flies or could use advice on rigging. Swing by the fly shop!


 If you see someone poaching, call Operation Game Thief 1-877-265-6648, with a description or swing by the shop and give us a heads-up.

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