Weekly Fishing Report

                   For the week of: September 15 th

Flows below Cheesman Reservoir: 190 CFS


  The fish are happy with the lower flows and cold water temperatures. You can find fish feeding heavily through out the river, the trick is to figure out what the fish are keying in on at the moment. The bug life has been strong. Midges have been a big part of the morning followed by Trico's. You will see the Spinners from the previous days Baetis hatch, Shortly after, the Trico Spinners will start hitting the water. If they are refusing your Trico's try a Rusty Spinner. 


The nymphing has been good leading with Golden Stones and San Juan worms. Emerger patterns and JUJU Baetis have been good at the end of your rig.



Help us keep the river and river banks clean of trash, pack out any trash you see!!!




Recommended Flies:



  • Pat’s Rubberleggs
  • San Juan Worms
  • Stone Flies
  • Egg Paterns
  • Mercury FB Black Beauty size 20 and 22
  • Miracle Midge size 20 and 22
  • Zebra Midge size 20 and 22
  • Grey RS2 size 20 and 22
  • Mercury Pheasant Tail size 20-22
  • Whitley’s RS2 Grey size 22
  • Chocolate Thunder size 20
  • Two Bit Hooker size 18
  • Stalcup’s Baetis size 20 and 22
  • Buckskin size 20-22
  • Barr Emerger BWO size 20-22

Dry Flies

  • Parachute Adams size 20-24
  • Parachute BWO size 20-24
  • Sparkle Dunn BWO size 22

The Dream Stream:  62 cfs

No new report this week.


 If you see someone poaching, call Operation Game Thief with a description 1-877-265-6648 or swing by the shop and give us a heads-up.  Thanks and have a great week!!!